Friday, 28 September 2012

Peak Body Fitness & Nutrition

Do you look for the highest quality ingredients in Body building products?
I have researched the nutrition market for over 50 years and have personally used every "Recommended" Food and supplement during that time often in their raw form.
Lots of these products tasted awful, so I developed a range with a huge variety of choice in fantastic tasting, convenient, easy to use products that are easily fitted into your daily food intake and will enhance your specific needs to give you, the athlete, your ultimate nutritional requirements.

Protein Powders;
Protein Bars;
Whey Isolate;
Soya Isolate Protein;
Creatine Monohydrate;
Complete Meal Replacement sachets;
Isolate protein;
Energy booster drinks;
Fat burner drinks;
Slimming Aids;
Carbohydrates drinks and bars.
John Citrone

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